Blessings and Curses

Fate works in mysterious ways. Based on the roll of the die, a character may be rewarded with a blessing or cursed with misfortune.

Blessings: When making a die roll to overcome a challenge and a natural one appears, you automatically fail the roll, but you are also rewarded with a blessing. A blessing is a small bonus decided by the game master that the player may use any time he likes. The more blessings a player has saved at the time of receiving a blessing, the more beneficial the new blessing will be.

Curses: When making a die roll to overcome a challenge and a natural twelve appears, you automatically succeed the roll, but are penalized with a curse. A curse hinders you slightly and is in effect until its removal. The only way to remove a curse is to sacrifice a blessing. As with blessings, the more curses you have when you receive a new one, the more crippling that new curse will be.

Although uncommon, blessings and curses can appear in other ways such as rewards or penalties for succeeding at or failing certain challenges or the result of meeting powerful magical creatures such as angels or demons.

Blessings and Curses

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