The Corpomancer



Power: 4
Wisdom: 6
Courage: 3


Enhanced Body



The world is a horrible, horrible place, and if we are too survive we must be stronger, faster, smarter, and far far more durable. My colleges and I are taking the steps necessary to move our civilization into the future.

Every day we come up with new little improvements to make each caste more effective at their job, slowly moving towards perfection, but there is so much more to be learned…

I grow impatient with the redundant biochemistry of our lab animals, they offer nothing new, and I cans only improve through hours of trial and error.

I need new inspiration… new technology… new specimens….


He is not an evil person, he is simply a man obsessed with the survival and evolution of his species, and in the face of that obsession is able to overlook things that he might normally regret. He is generally enthusiastic and willing to try anything for the least chance it will bring him the result he desires. His moods can change quickly however, becoming stubborn or aggressive for no decipherable reason. This is a result of extensive self-manipulation, it has effected his mental equilibrium for the worse. He is used to working with a team and sees the worth of good colleges and assistants. He is always hungry, Corpomancy consumes genetic material in its use, rapidly transforming any food consumed by the Corpomancer into both magical energy and into raw building materials. This effect is usually not noticeable by an average Inventor, but for a powerful Corpomancer the best place to experiment with different configurations of organs and muscle and bone structures is inside ones own body. After years of internal corporeal magic like this his body continuously restructures its internal functions, constantly consuming magic, resulting in an ever panging hunger, which he normally sedates with the most exquisite of foods.


The reason he eats all the time is that he uses the organic materials he consumes to fuel his internal body manipulations, which happen constantly due to the unstable biological nature of his specialty.

If he does not get enough fuel for this subconscious expenditure of magic it will start to activate a panic mode in his body chemistry that fill him with the overwhelming urge to consume organic matter (High-protein organic matter is preferred). He can hold it at bay, but if it gets too strong it will overwhelm his will and change his body to whatever would be optimal to consumes the nearest sources of food. This usually results in a complete body transformation into a beast that will consume about double its size in meat (converting it internally into a highly compressed highly optimized fat-like material) where upon the panic mode will wane and he will regain control.

This has happened several times over the course of his career, causing major setbacks in research as he needed to recruit and entire new lab team each time. So he tries his best to avoid this from ever happening (Not to mention hunger is a most unpleasant of feelings)


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